At DOUBLE THREE, we offer a wide selection of products and solutions suitable for applications within industries such as e-commerce, supermarkets, logistics/distribution, home appliances, metal parts, electronics, automotive manufacturing and heavy industry, etc. Our main products include:

1. Three-Sided Folding Roll Container

Large storage capacity, small footprint

    Storage Cage: Double Three storage cage
    This kind of storage cage is foldable type with uniform specification and designated capacity, both suitable for small-amount storage and large-quantity stacking applications. We have designed it to be easy-operated and compatible with various transportation tools. Besides, you can fold it into small piece that only occupies little space.

2. Plastic-Base Roll Container

Portable, flexible and space-saving

    Plastic-Base Roll Container: Double Three plastic-base roll container
    Comparing with previous roll containers with metal base, this product is set with a resin base which features light weight, good breathability and drainage performance. The pin-bar linkage design makes the container rather reliable and easy to be operated. The metal pipes enhance its loading capacity. And the high-quality rubber wheel has committed a noiseless operation. In addition, we have given a spraying treatment upon the surface to let it more aesthetic and durable.

3. Wire Mesh Roll Container with Doors

a. Contents are classified and well protected.
b. Safety lock is available upon request.

    Wire Mesh Trolley: Double Three wire mesh trolley
    Differing from traditional ones, this wire mesh trolley has been optimized in functions, structures and manufacturing techniques. The high-profile casters make it both noiseless and labor-saving. It is applicable in many fields such as postal service, medical and commercial distribution.

4. Euro-Style Roll Container

U-shaped chassis ensures highly stable loading capacity.

5. Stacking Rack

a. Exceptionally stable structure with large loading capacity
b. Reduce the number of pallets.

6. Collapsible Wire Mesh Container

a. Collapsible
b. Easy to count

7. Collapsible Steel Container

a. Collapsible and stackable
b. Enclosed, leak-proof container

8. Tyre Rack

a. Suitable for various car tyres
b. Save on transportation and storage costs

9. Automotive Rack

a. Ideal for a variety of auto parts
b. Keep your parts safe and protected

10. Folding Trolley

a. Both surface and four sides are protected with PVC material.
b. Foldable handle
c. Durable and cost-effective

11. Pallet Cage

a. Independent storage facility for ease of counting
b. Foldable and stackable for considerable space and cost savings

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