We moved to this fully-automated manufacturing plant in 2014. Since then, our production efficiency and product accuracy have increased by several times with the use of advanced technical knowledge, computer-aided design software and fully-automated intelligent robotic operating system. We have proven to be amongst the most trusted suppliers on the market.

At DOUBLE THREE we established a very organized production system including 6 large workshops and an efficient raw material warehousing system. The raw material processing workshop is staffed by 10 experienced industry professionals and equipped with a myriad of facilities, including fully automatic pipe cutters, fully automatic laser tube cutting machines, pipe benders, fully automatic bending machines, plate shears and punch presses.

The entire company incorporates more than 150 gas-shielded welding machines, over 30 intelligent welding machines, as well as 10 advanced facilities which can perform fully automatic or hand-operated electric resistance welding operations, etc. For the purposes of quality control, all manufacturing operations are conducted under strict supervision of our Quality Control Department. Streamlined packaging ensures our products flow seamlessly. This enables a significant increase in production efficiency and greatly improved product quality. We have proven to be amongst the most trusted suppliers on the market.

Machining Workshop
Raw materials
Manual cutting

    Traditional cutting method: Traditional manual cutting method for the raw materials of logistic machinery

    Cutting machine maintenance

Intelligent cutting

    Fully automatic cutting machine: The fully automatic cutting machine has improved the cutting efficiency dramatically

    Advanced laser cutting equipment


    Steel pipe bending

    A mechanical lathe for bending steel pipes


    Steel plate shearing: Two of our workers are shearing the steel plates with a shearing machine.

Electric Welding
Manual electric welding

    Welding plant for logistic equipment: Double Three possesses 2 welding plants and over 40 stations to accomplish the welding operations for the logistic devices

Intelligent welding

    Fully automatic robot welding equipment: Robot welding equipment – the most advanced device in Double Three, has truly realized unmanned working process thus improving the working efficiency dramatically.

    Small type fully automatic robot welding machine

Press Forging Plant
Steel wire straightening

    Straightening process for raw steel wires: The raw wires are straightened and then cut into workpieces with the specific dimensions we want.


    Steel mesh trimming: We trim the verge of the steel mesh to make it more uniform.


    Steel bar welding: Workers are welding the bars onto the steel mesh.


    Drilling process for steel bars: We have 6 drilling machines in total. Workers need to perform drilling operations upon the accessories of our logistic equipment

    Large forging machine: This large forging machine has extremely improved our working efficiency.


    Warehouse for components & finished products & finished products: Double Three has established a considerably large warehouse to store all of the components of the logistic equipment with different models and different specifications.


    Storage cage packaging


    Stacking racks loading: The stacking racks to be delivered

    Goods shipping

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