Double Three Profile
Double Three Profile

With the global economy expanding at a “big-bang”, pace manufacturers worldwide face extreme logistical barriers. They need solutions to help them ship, store and process their products at a huge volume in an efficient manner. We have a solution, our company Double Three is a subsidiary of IEOU Holding Company. We possess over a decade of experience and expertise in providing a comprehensive range of container logistics, mechanical handling and stereoscopic warehousing solutions. We place extreme focus on designing and manufacturing a diverse range of casters, roll containers, pallet cages, stacking racks, tire racks, engine racks and other logistics equipment. Due to the advanced design, high quality and competitive pricing of our products we have gained great market share in Japan, Europe, America, Australia, and other countries or regions.

DOUBLE THREE has built an impressive workforce of more than 300 highly motivated employees, including over 30 high-tech engineers who dedicate themselves to researching and developing new products and enhancing current offerings. We have great pride in our high-quality management team, a rigorous staff training program and a market-leading ERP system. We have also been granted more than 20 patents for the invention of a variety of products. Our commitment to being a leader in the metal roll container industry has enabled us to receive both honors and certificates, one example is the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate issued by SGS. Because of our superior quality products, a respected reputation and thoughtful customer services, DOUBLE THREE has solidified its position as one of the most valuable brands both at home and abroad.

Company Profile: Exterior scene

    Double Three is a corporation expert in providing solutions for container logistics, mechanical handling, and stereoscopic warehousing. Incepted in 2003, we possess over a decade of experience in manufacturing logistics vehicles, storage cages, stacking racks, logistics flow control system, and various types of casters.

Meetings: Regular meetings in Double Three

    General Manager is listening to the report on last month’s sales achievements.

General Manager: Our general manager Mr. Chen
Sales Department: Sales team in Double Three

    Double Three has established a professional sales team with 3 years’ working experience to offer clients goods delivery solutions.

R&D Department: R&D Team in Double Three

    Over 20 engineers in Double Three serve to develop new products and do technical modification jobs.

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Shanghai Double Three Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd.

Add.: No.666, Zhangwengmiao Road, Nanqiao Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai, China
Tel.: +86-21-33617802
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